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Happy Knobbing I

I replaced some of the standard grey knobs on my A-100 system with black ones.
You can order these at Doepfer, and they look (and feel) exactly the same as the standard ones, but these are black, with a white line.
( diameter of 15 mm, height of 15 mm, for 6 mm axis with 18 teeth )

Originally this is a spare part for the d3c drawbar controller , but it can also be used on the A-100, MAQ16/3, Pocket Control, Drehbank and MS-404

Not really a modification, but nice eye-candy!

Update Sept 16, 2011:

Happy Modding I

One of the easiest, and perhaps the most usefull DIY modifications you can do to your A-100 system is modifying the A-180 module.

Originally the module has 8 interconnected sockets that act as all identical multiples, but like the manual says you can split this into 2 groups of four by removing the soldering bridge in the middle or cutting the board.

The manual doesn't say anything about the warranty if you do this, but just be very carefull.

An easy job, done in a few minutes and like i said very usefull, especially for the smaller systems IMO

Best Friends Forever I

Van PatchPierre
A few times a year i unwire my whole A-100 system, it's like putting up a fresh canvas. New inspiration, new sounds in this case.

There are a few thing i never unwire, because i use them that much.

My first example is this one; The A-174 Joystick and the A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter.
They both sit neatly next to each-other in my rack, and i always keep the two yellow cables between them connected. What a dynamic duo...

I use my A-174 the most for controlling the cutoff of filters or for controlling the speed of the A-147 Voltage Controlled LFO module

The A-175 is such a simple but effective module, and its inputs are internally linked, so you can use the other socket as a mini-multiple

This allowes you to have both control voltages and its identical inverted voltages available at the same time.

Getting Organized!

Picture: Custum made Doepfer A-100 Manual by NetPierre
You all know that all Doepfer A-100 manuals can be downloaded from their manuals download page
It's truly a great service, but sadly a few manuals of some modules are still missing.

The easiest way for me to keep all my A-100 manuals together is this dedicated ring binder i made for this purpose.
It's just a standard black ring binder for half A4 format papers, with some white stickering on front and side.
This is the binder with only the manuals of the more then 60 modules i have right now. I also have all the other manuals printed out, and keep them in another binder.

Hello World!

Dear Reader, welcome to PatchPierre

PatchPierre is NetPierre 's new project, a site dedicated to everything around my Doepfer A-100 Analogue Modular Synthesizer.

My plan is to post (basic) A-100 -tips, -patches and sound-examples here, for those of you interested.
I am still learning more about analogue synthesis every day, and i thought it would be a good idea to share my 'adventures in analog synthesis' with others...
( and also as a reminder or sketch-book for myself )

Enjoy the blog, just follow the feed and feel free to comment anytime !


Picture: Wireless A-100 © NetPierre 2010